Our Consultants

We’re a group of passionate consultants who love what we do. We’re skilled experts in our field, confident in finding the best talent for our clients.

Since we formed in 2005, we have grown and built strong relationships rooted in honesty, trust and respect. Collaboration and empathy are the glue that binds our team to work progressively and be truly different in the recruitment space. Our forward-thinking aptitude generates creative innovation and a deep-cutting exploration of the needs of our client base. We work intensively to provide a hands-on, analytical and human approach to executive search, talent mapping, pipelining and competitive insight.

The Values of the Company

As a team working remotely across the globe, we each share Research Partner’s core values that hold us accountable in creating an environment of integrity and opportunity built around employee wellbeing, diversity and equality for all.

Working Together is our most important asset. We believe in nurturing long-lasting relationships based on loyalty, respect and trust.  Communication and collaboration empower us to help our clients quickly and effectively. Cooperation and teamwork are at the heart of what we do.

Research Partners is made up of Creative & Inspired consultants. Our employees are smart, multilingual innovators who work vigorously and dynamically to achieve successful results for our clients.

We believe in Equality & Respect in the workspace and we strive to celebrate diversity in the corporate climate. We support charities like GirlsInTech and the Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women to further promote opportunities for female talent in today’s much more inclusive and but still developing landscape.


Our team is spread across continents with multilingual capabilities in French, German, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Romanian, Hungarian, Polish, and Portuguese. Our global reach provides us with intimate local knowledge where we are able to carry out vital international projects for large global fortune 500 companies needing the relevant local market insight for informed hiring decision making.


Our team of consultants are all home based and have the flexibility to work from anywhere around the world.

We have long-lasting relationships with hard-working, highly skilled remote workers who love what they do, and understand the fast-paced environment of on-demand hiring and research support.

Career Path

Our consultants are also encouraged to grow and develop new skills. We offer extensive training and opportunities for furthering education in their designated area of expertise.

Many members of our team start at entry-level positions and have at their disposal possibilities to advance in new fields and levels of seniority. We celebrate the skills and passion of our team and encourage all avenues of career development.


At Research Partners we partner our junior consultants with senior mentors to provide the support they need to get through the various phases of training.

We hope to create a safe space for everyone to learn the requirements and procedures while striving for personal and professional success.

We are committed to helping businesses with their resourcing needs.
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What Our Consultants Say

What makes Research Partners unique is that the team all come from diverse backgrounds, are internationally based and are always willing to help, if you have any questions. I think it is this key makeup that makes the business so successful.-
What I like most about working at Research Partners is the family-like work environment. We all support each other to achieve the same goal: keeping our customers happy.-
I've been working with Research Partners now for over 2 years as a Consultant. I thoroughly enjoy the work as it is very challenging, the client base is really first-rate and I don't think I would have had the same opportunity elsewhere to learn as much as I have over the past few years.-
At Research Partners I value the fact that proactivity is highly appreciated, initiatives are carefully analyzed and if feasible, then deployed in their best form. Thus resulting in continuous growth for the company and freelancers alike.-
I have worked at Research Partners for nearly 9 years and I have enjoyed the flexibility of working from almost 10 different cities around the world. Research Partners has been a great place to learn new skills and grow my career.-