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About Our Trial Platform

We are offering different trial options catered to the needs of businesses who have little or no experience using research firms for hiring, pipelining and search support. We have worked with many global Fortune 500 firms and understand that every business is unique, and becoming a sourcing support for your internal team is a delicate and gradual process. For this reason, we have set up a special trialling platform, so that businesses like yours can seamlessly gather enough hands-on insight about our process before making any decision to commit.

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These trials are much more condensed versions of our typical full-length research projects and enables you to comfortably test out our services for a shorter period and get some results quickly.

A pilot search may be exactly what you need to kick off your own talent search, get a glimpse of what is available on the market and assess the strategy you are willing to take to drive your search forward.

Alternatively, a pilot search may help you see our processes without the weight of commitment. If you choose to continue, we will happily carry out the rest of the search for you continuing on our standard day rate fees.

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