Wave® Onboarding Report

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Wave® Onboarding Report

Generated from the Wave Focus and Professional Styles Questionnaires the Wave Onboarding Report is used for:

  • Accelerating workplace effectiveness of new hires
  • Creating tailored objectives and development plans
  • Facilitating better working relationships between new hires, hiring managers and the organization
  • Managing expectations of new hires and the organization


  • Improves performance by tailoring the onboarding process to the needs of the organisation and the individual
  • Encourages better working relationships by making onboarding a two-way process rather than a one-size fits all transactional approach
  • Improves retention with a more positive onboarding experience
  • Accelerates productivity of new hires by capitalising on individual strengths and targeting areas for development


The report focuses on an individual’s top 4 strengths. It provides useful tips on how to capitalize and build on these strengths, how to apply these working with your new hiring manager and organisation and how to utilise the combination of your strengths.

It highlights to key challenge areas and provides useful advice on how to best manage these potential performance limitations and how the origination and hiring manager can best support development in these areas.

The report is interactive with space provided for tailored objective setting and development planning which can be updated, managed, reviewed and amended throughout the onboarding process.

The Wave Onboarding report can be applied at all work levels to positively impact ROI of new hires with a tailored approach. 


Online administration via our assessment platform Oasys or our Bureau Service.

Completion Time:

  • 40 minutes - Wave Professional Styles
  • 13 minutes - Wave Focus Styles

Supporting User Guide Provided

Sample Report

 Sample Onboarding Report