Wave® Professional Styles

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Wave® Professional Styles

Wave Professional Styles (40-minute completion) is used in selection, development, talent management, succession planning, leadership programs, coaching and career planning.

Based on the hierarchical Wave model:

wave professional styles model  

Use the three unique Wave Deep Dives to give remarkable insights:

  • Explore the unusualness of individuals (Facet Ranges)
  • Compare motives and talents (Motive-Talent Splits)
  • Control for distortion and response-faking (Normative-Ipsative Splits)

In a co-validation study, Wave Professional Styles, outperformed the OPQ32i™, NEO-PI-R™, Hogan Personality Inventory™ and 16PF5™ on both work competencies and overall global measures of performance.

High levels of validity improves the predictive power of the questionnaire. Wave was developed to maximize on this validity and give practitioners relevant, powerful data about people.

  • Enable better matching of individuals to roles and culture
  • Identify and develop potential faster

Reports powered by Wave Professional Styles include: Personal, Line Manager, Interview Guide, Summary Development, Premium Development, Types, Team Roles, Leadership, Reflections, Sales, Entrepreneurial Potential.

Wave® Professional Styles measures motives, talents, preferred culture and competency potential in one dynamic online questionnaire.


Online via our assessment platform Oasys or our Bureau Service.

Completion Time: 40 minutes

Training: Requires a Wave accredited user to interpret and feedback data

Sample Reports

 Sample Line Manager Report

 Sample Personal Report

 Sample Expert Report