Psychometric Testing

For Informed Hiring Decisions

Research Partners have the capability to offer Psychometric Testing in addition to our normal candidate screening and interviewing. Our structured interviewing against your job brief forms the core of our candidate assessment, based on previous performance, achievements, skills and responsibilities.


Our Psychometric Testing can be used as an additional objective resource for identifying and measuring qualities in individuals in order to make informed hiring decisions. All of our tests can be completed online, making it easier for candidates to fit it into their schedule.


Our qualified testing consultant is registered with the British Psychological Society in Occupational Testing. (BPS OTU: Ability and Personality, formerly known as BPS Level A and Level B). This is the certification to administer and interpret Ability and Personality tests which are in line with BPS standards.


  • Hire the best and most suitable talent for your company
  • Assess and benchmark your current teams
  • Develop and retain you best performers
psychometric testing

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