Natalie Heilling - Then and Now

Natalie’s Story

I grew up in Hertfordshire, one of three children of bi-racial parents. My father is British and my mum is from Trinidad. Our parents were married in 1960s Britain.When I... read more →
Future of Recruitment Research Partners

Future of Recruitment in 2020

Since 2010 the world of recruitment has been through a lot of changes; some developments have moved at a very slow pace, whereas others have been exceptionally fast. But recruitment... read more →

The Problem with The Purple Squirrel

In the recruitment space, perfection has a cute name. A candidate with the exact educational background, precise set and amount of experience, as well as all the desired certifications and... read more →

The Art of Sourcing on LinkedIn

Since its launch in 2003, LinkedIn has become one of the most powerful tools in talent sourcing. Knowing how to efficiently identify viable candidates on LinkedIn is a must-have skill... read more →
Recruiting in Japan _Research Partners

Recruiting in the Japanese Marketplace

Alex Homan-Russell from Research Partners shares his experiences of recruiting bilingual talent in the Japanese marketplace. I’ve been recruiting internationally for the best part of 9 years now and out... read more →
Psychometric_Core Values Tree_Research Partners

Assessing Talent for ‘Cultural Fit’

By Brian Dorans ‘Cultural Fit’ is a term that’s frequently used in the talent acquisition process. When hiring new talent, an organisation clearly needs to see a strong skills, experience... read more →