Research findings show that the trust between managers and their employees is the foundation for building loyalty and engagement. In fact, the lens through which individuals view their direct managers is the perspective of how they view your entire organisation.

Thus, organisations see value in their managers conducting stay interviews directly with their team members.

“Gallup has found that 52% of exiting employees say their manager could have done something to prevent them from leaving.” (Gallup, 2019). Do not discount the power of managers in anticipating and preventing regrettable turnover.

A trusting relationship in business between a manager and an employee is personal and hugely important. Trust encompasses daily interactions between a manager and an individual affecting how they feel valued and supported to succeed.

Given the importance of trust in any relationship, it is surprising how often it is absent in managerial relationships.


Research tells us that stay interviews build trust

The manager communicates with individual team members to show that they care and want them to stay and develop with the organisation.

The responsibility of Retention and Engagement is accepted by each manager, who is also held accountable based on metrics.

The open dialogue that stay interviews provide mean that employees are more likely to accept the ownership for staying.

The main findings from the Great Place to Work Institute, which is behind Fortune 100 Best Places to work is – ‘Our 20 years of research have proven that trust between managers and employees is the defining primary characteristic of the very best workplaces’