Naspers - Testimonial for Research Partners


I have been working with Research Partners for 3 years in Naspers and I found this cooperation very fruitful. I worked with a number of Consultants and Natalie as the Project Leader on technology and product roles primarily.
I find the method of work very thorough, there is a lot of work invested at preliminary stage of the searches, the market intelligence is solid and Natalie is a true thought-partner, that I invited to calls with Hiring Managers with pleasure, having the assurance that she is well-prepared, informed and able to propose the right search strategy. I think that the flexibility of approach was paramount in a versatile and dynamic environment where some roles and needs morphed on the go.
Because of the multi-annual partnership with Naspers and a level of attention and careful listening that has not diminished over the years, Natalie and her team: Ajni, Jennifer, Alex among others, have not ceased to stay up to date with the group culture, understanding what is the right fit, both on the competency and cultural level. Also a group of great people to work with, whose values reflect those of Naspers, very ethical and grounded, knowing how to find a win-win situation in a complex and demanding eco-system.
The repeat business from Naspers speaks for the quality of cooperation, I was impressed that the hard-working attitude and the engagement has not diminished over time, becoming nonchalant, as is the case with many long-standing vendors. In fact, thanks to Natalie and her team’s ambition and drive, the search process has become even more polished over time, with more informed search strategies and better selection. Research Partners have proved without doubt, that they develop at the same, ever faster pace, as Naspers.
I also personally enjoyed partnering with the RP team on searches, the responsiveness, engagement, friendliness, understanding of my needs and accommodating them. I found the communication excellent, the calibration smooth and I felt at all times this was a rewarding partnership, which I could easily trust.
I also like the fact that the RP team is demanding in terms of getting a solid brief and definition of needs, which contributes to the success. Also the honesty, when push comes to shove, and the expectations need to be modified to the market reality. Amazing talent partner to work with.

  • Client Naspers
  • Name Paulina Baranowska
  • Job Title Global Executive Talent Acquisition Lead